Using Pensions To Buy Property

Having been a founder of a local pensioner trustee firm John is well placed to give you the current position regarding pensions and property purchase. John also has pension transfer qualifications and so can take you through the whole purchase process from start to finish. Day to day contact with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs gives John this unique insight.

Typically you might get the opportunity to buy the freehold of the premises that you operate from. You might not want to ask the bank for a loan as they could require too much personal security from you. Your pension fund can be used to provide the deposit to acquire the property. Using a Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) the pension takes on the mortgage and buys the building on your behalf.

You then pay rent back to your pension, which in turn uses this to pay off the mortgage. There are tax advantages along the way. Your pension contributions qualify for tax relief at your highest rate and the property grows tax free within the scheme. When in the future you liquidate the property there is no Capital Gains Tax to pay as the building was a pension scheme asset.

The deal is very tax effective. Please call on 0845 602 6032 to discuss your own proposition.

Staff Benefits Should Recruit and Retain Quality Employees

We know that the job market is much more fluid than at any time in the past. If you have set out to employ quality staff it stands to reason that they will know their worth in the market and constantly compare your rewards package with your competitors.

The key motivated staff may even be capable of “going it alone” and ultimately become a competitor. It is therefore vital that you reward these people properly to help keep them on board.

We can help you design a very competitive package that rewards your longer serving staff and slowly makes it harder and harder for them to leave you. We put you in the driving seat all the time, so that costs are kept under control and within budget.

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